Journée de l'IP2CT 2021

Vendredi 25 juin

Although the summer of 2021 seems to mark the end of the long tunnel of the health crisis, we are not yet completely back to normal.
This is why we have chosen a hybrid conference which will allow us to re-establish contacts with the European Physical and Theoretical Chemistry community, at least on-line, and to make the presentations and debates in Paris more lively by adopting a partly face-to-face procedure in one of the new conference sites of our university.
The Physical and Theoretical Chemistry in Paris will not be built independently of the outside world. Therefore, the morning sessions will be devoted to prestigious speakers from outside the IP2CT who will give us their vision of the developments in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry and of the new questions, as they are approached in Germany, in the Netherlands and in France.
Then, a virtual poster session will show on-going research projects presented by the members of the three laboratories.
In the afternoon, we will be able to measure the impact of intra-IP2CT collaborations on developing research themes and strategies. Successful collaborations will be presented, as well as new prospects in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The day will end with a debate with the directors of the three laboratories constituting the IP2CT. They will share their visions for the years to come, in terms of new subjects to be developed, and how they position themselves in relation to the orientations of Sorbonne University, the Sorbonne University alliance and the 4EU+ alliance

François Rochet, Directeur de l’IP2CT

9h15 à 13h00

PARTIE 1: Highlights of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry in Europe

Retransmission du webinaire sur Livestorm

Lyon, France

Aurélien Crut

Time-resolved optical investigations of the vibrations and cooling of single metal nano-objects


Amsterdam/Leiden, Netherlands

Célia Fonseca Guerra

Discovering in silico the uniqueness of hydrogen bonding


Berlin, Germany

Jan Lüning

Synchrotron Radiation based research in Physical Chemistry at BESSY II


Bochum, Germany

Martina Havenith

Spectroscopy in superfluid helium nanodroplets: « A cool topic »


13h00 à 14h00 – pause déjeuner

Session Affiche sur la plateforme
« Gather Town »

14h00 à 17h00

PARTIE 2 : Collaboration

Table ronde retransmise en direct sur Livestorm

14h00 à 14h20 : « ELF as a probe for hydrogen-based superconductors »

Avec Julia Contreras (collaboration LCT – MONARIS)

14h30 à 14h50 : « Carbon monoxide oxidation on catalyst »

Avec Caroline Salzemann (MONARIS) et Ahmed Naitabdi (LCPMR)

15h00 à 15h20 : « Machine Learning et Chimie: quelques perspectives »

Avec Jean-Philip Piquemal (LCT)

15h45 à 16h45 – Table ronde

Modérateur: François Rochet – Directeur de l’IP2CT

Richard Taïeb directeur du LCPMR

Jean-Philip Piquemal – directeur du LCT

Christophe Petit – directeur du MONARIS

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